36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 150: Lord of Wagner's Ring


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 150 — Lord of Wagner's Ring
30-December-1971 (Thur.)

Lucille and the Dixie Pixies


Another good day. Last day of work in the electronic music lab. But, I got a good amount (always slow and long) of work done.

At night, went to the first part of “The Ring”
—“Das Rheingold.” Was very good, basically enjoyable, except that (1) the brasses were sometimes weak, (2) [the singing in] a few places wasn't as good, and (3) I was dead tired. It was also more of an intellectual opera—where the understanding of the libretto was very important. Still enjoyable.

Had a letter from Lucille D. Said that a group of students from Montclair was going to be in Munich for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, we will try to rendezvous. It would be good.


Wagner’s Ring. No, it’s not the ring from Lord of the Rings, the movie, it’s Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung, the four operas of The Ring Cycle—Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried, and Götterdämmerung. Let it be said, these are serious operas for serious opera buffs. I am attending the first opera of the cycle, Das Rheingold. I wonder if I’ll get to see the entire Ring Cycle. I comment that the brass and some of the singing is perhaps not up to par. I’m certain that it was fine.

I’ll let
this Wikipedia article summarize the plot of The Ring. Interestingly, the story has some similarity to Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring series and it’s adaptation to the movie—a powerful ring that allows you to control the entire world. The story includes dwarfs, gods, and mythical creatures from German and Scandinavian folk tales. Wagner wrote for a large orchestra that adds to the powerful impact of these operas.

The Dixie Pixies
Montclair State to Munich. I receive a letter from a student friend, Lucille, at Montclair State College. Lucille is a very talented pianist. She tells me that a group of students, perhaps the Madrigal Choir, will be going to Munich for a couple of weeks. I believe that it will happen during the holiday break this winter. Will I be able to rendezvous with them? Stay tuned.

I will post a photo of the Dixie Pixies, of which Lucille was a part. She’s holding the sign (left). See a few more Montclair State pictures in the Slide Shows area.

Serious photo hobbyist. Just a note on these photos. In college, I started my photography journey with a single class that really interested me. These photos are black and white, scanned from a hard copy. They are mine. I had set up a photo darkroom in our basement and actually learned to develop B&W photos as part of my hobby. It was a lot of fun. If you have any young students as a parent, or for yourself at any age, look at photography as a great lifelong hobby. Nowadays, with digital photography, you obviously don't need a darkroom. Instead, discover how to edit and manipulate photos on your computer with programs such as iPhoto (Mac) and Adobe Photoshop Elements (PC and Mac), or other software.

For the serious photography hobbyist, check out Chris Marquardt's
Tips from the Top Floor podcast and website.


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