36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 159: St. Anton—Ingrid? Innsbruck—Elisabeth?


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 159 — St. Anton—Ingrid? Innsbruck—Elisabeth?
08-January-1972 (Samstag—Sat.)

Leaving the Tirolian Alps


St. Anton

Just walked around and bought a couple of gifts. Left a card for Ingrid. Even though we didn’t get to know each other well, maybe I’ll see her in London.

Left midday and arrived in Innsbruck. Got a room. Walked around and saw some more sights. Saw Elisabeth at night. Had dinner together. We would have gone dancing except she forgot her key and had to go back early. Rotten luck.

I like Elisabeth a lot. She’s really good looking (I’m almost surprised she goes out with me.), intelligent (a nurse) and we have a great time together. I wish she studied in Vienna. Well, I’ll miss her but we’ll certainly write. The chances of seeing each other again, perhaps during Easter, are good.


Village of St Anton I believe

I believe the photo above is that of St. Anton.

Ingrid? Holy cow. I guess one of the English girls I danced with last night was Ingrid. (No picture. I can’t remember what Ingrid looks like but I like her name. Next time, take pictures of everyone.) So, I’m leaving a card for Ingrid. I hop on the train, and…

Elisabeth? Holy cow. I actually stop off in Innsbruck (obviously planned), get a hotel room, and have dinner with Elisabeth. ??? Talk about a girl in every port. I should have joined the Navy. If I hadn’t written it down in the journal, I would never have believed it. Elisabeth has to leave early and we don’t make it a long night. I wonder if I was more enamored of Elisabeth than she was of me. We had great times together in that very short time. I’m probably starting to really like her, but perhaps she is thinking I’m more of a good friend. Ah, youth! It’s still true today, when you’re young, you can’t figure anything out. The world just moves by so fast. If only God could hold up a sign, “Yes, this is the one. Settle down.” “No, she’s just a good friend, move on.” Happy


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