36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 041: I am a 60's student radical


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 41 — I am a 60's student radical
12-September-1971 (Sun.)


Last night I tried to contact Joan S. from the States. I was supposed to meet her and spend some time with her while she was in Vienna. Couldn’t reach her last night.

Today was very frustrating because I tried to contact her all day, but I couldn’t reach her. I was under the impression that she was at a certain hotel, and they were even taking messages. The last time I called, they suddenly said no one of that name was staying there. I even went to the two hotels and got the same result.

This infuriated me, because it had to be the fault of the hotel—they were either misleading me or just plain stupid.

Usually when I have a bad experience, its with some form of big business. I think it’s the universal principle that once there’s money in the picture, that’s the only objective, and that everything else (i.e. helping people, etc.) is thrown out the window, unless there’s money involved. Sometimes it seems obvious and other times not at all. Maybe I shouldn’t generalize.

Well, I’ll be glad to eventually learn (from Joan) what actually happened.


After reading today’s entry, I thought that this was my college classmate Joan that I met in Salzburg. Actually, I now remember that Joan was a girl that I had only recently met in New Jersey and dated a few times before I left on this journey.

Obviously, there are plans to meet her based on a letter she sent. I am frustrated and immediately blame the hotel, the hotel staff, language, financial institutions, greed, money, and the entire “business” establishment—was I the 60’s student radical, or what?

See tomorrow’s entry.

Once again, another example of a “youthful-jump-to-conclusions overreaction based on emotion rather than
patience.” Adults are the same. I apologize to all youth. Thankfully, I have learned a bit of patience as I have gone through life.

My sincere apologies to all the hotels and staff members of Vienna. I am the stupid one.


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