36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 235: Old friends


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 235 — Old friends
24-March-1972 (Freitag–Fri.)


Phi Mu Alpha 1971

Nothing new.


Nothing new in 1972.

Old friends. In 2009, I have been increasingly discovering some long lost college friends through the social networking mechanisms of Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s amazing, really. Like a world-wide phone book that you can search. What is fun is catching up with each person after all these years, using wall-to-wall comments. Everyone is “older.” Gosh, jolly, wizbang! Many are married for many years, successful, and with grown-up kids who are also becoming successful.

Jack—Montclair State College. Jack was a colleague in our class at Montclair State College. A great guy and an excellent pianist. Jack has been incredibly successful, forever, in the music field. How do you spell, Dean? Married and with an aspiring musical daughter. Wonderful. President of our music frat, if I remember. Here is a picture of our fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha. Jack is one of the guys in the front row and he doesn’t wear glasses. (opening photo) Can we name the rest of the clan? John, Bobbie, Marius, Bob, John, David, Eric, Bob, Dave, me...

Remember, I am the very last guy in the last row. I don’t think I had body odor that day. I think it was my camera that took the picture and after setting the picture up, I ran to the back. I can’t remember.

Chris and Alexis—Indiana University. I didn’t live with Jack. I did live with Chris and Alexis. Yes, in Eigenmann Hall at Indiana University. Sure, there were 800 other people living with us as well. Chris and Alexis are two great college friends from my IU days. We were all going for our Master’s degrees. We used to enjoy great conversations and great meals ?? in the dorm cafeteria. IU was a tough school for music and having good friends reduced the stress. Alexis is also an excellent pianist—you have to be at IU—and is happily married with a great daughter and husband and has been a university professor, forever. Chris is a wonderful girl and has worked at Indiana University for many years. A music theorist, historian, and vocalist, she can sight-sing the do-re-mi’s around anyone. I think Chris may not be spoken for at the moment. If you are a wealthy, stable, and single man, let me know. I’ll hook you up.

I miss you guys.

Another close friend of those days, Sue, has passed and is truly missed by all of us who knew her. The picture below shows the Eigenmann gang.

The Eigenmann Gang 1975
Chisai, Sue, John, Alexis, George, Chris, and Fred
The Eigenmann gang

Richard—Ohio State University. Richard was a good friend at Ohio State University when I was trying (emphasis on trying) to get my doctorate in composition. Never finished. Well, he finished his doctorate, also in composition, and so I need to call him Dr. Richard. Just a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get a hold of him and found out he has had a successful life in marriage, a daughter, a university professorship, owning a recording studio, and in actually continuing his composition through commissions, grants, and his natural desire to write music. I bought his orchestral CD Hauntings, recorded in Prague. It was wonderful. Contemporary music, with a solid basis in traditional melody, harmony, tonality, and a good dose of dissonance, when needed. Powerful, haunting, and filmic in many regards. “Kafka’s Cafe” in Suite for Prague is quite traditional and just delightful. Check it out on iTunes. Type “Richard” and “Hauntings” into the search field.

Great writing, Richard.

Me. I’m feeling a bit depressed, not having quite so many successes in my life as my friends. I’m sort of normal and boring. Oh well. When I retire, I am suddenly going to become quite successful. Let’s see.

Note: my policy is not to mention last names in most cases.


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