36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 117: Where’s my turkey?


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 117 — Where’s my turkey?
27-November-1971 (Sat.)


Letter from Walter. He left the Peace Corps. Disappointing, he said it didn’t live up to his ideals. He didn’t regret his experience. That’s good.

Went to “anti-opera” contemporary concert. Very interesting type of live “music” theater. Wrote down my comments on the program.

Found out that I missed Thanksgiving. I didn’t even realize it. (Perhaps that means I’m a Communist.) This is the first Thanksgiving I missed, and boy, do I miss that turkey and stuffing. Hmmmm, hmmmm, ohhhh, hmmmm, slurp………..


Cousin Walter and the Peace Corps. My cousin Walter and I kept in contact a lot when we were growing up. My mother, brothers, and I often went to his mother’s house, Teta Anna, for family gatherings. After college, Walter joined the Peace Corps. That was very noble of him. He is a good person. I remember him telling me fascinating stories about being in an African village and helping to build a water well for the village. At the time, the Peace Corps was an important organization for volunteers wanting to help poorer nations around the world. It may still be. I was surprised that he left because he wanted to help the world. He still felt the experience was worthwhile. We still see each other at annual family picnics.

Anti-opera? Another concert of contemporary music, along the veins of a theater event. I generally enjoy these music events, though they can also become very similar to each other. I don’t know what was anti-opera about the event, and am sorry that I don’t have my notes to see what I was thinking.

Europe and the avant-garde. I believe that Europe has always been more open and receptive to contemporary music, for example, the avant-garde genres of electronic music, music theater, multimedia events, “happenings” and such. This is certainly true of contemporary art as well. I am willing to bet that this is true today as well. Another example of this acceptance is the popularity of American jazz throughout Europe.

No Thanksgiving? Can it be? Yes, I basically forgot about Thanksgiving, an American-only holiday, and didn’t have any turkey. I missed it. Well, at least my adolescent humor has returned. I was getting nervous about being so serious.


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