36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 097: Grab that shovel—Dig up your past


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 97 — Grab that shovel—Dig up your past
07-November-1971 (Sun.)


Busy day. Vienna Choir Boys. Practice (3 hours). Saw 2 concerts. First (afternoon)—played Brahms
Variations and a Tschaikovsy Piano concerto. Good concert. Always play popular stuff.

The Brahms
Requiem was real good. Beautiful music. Good day.


1971–a great concert day. Despite my dyslexia, I saw the Vienna Boys' Choir at mass.

[Grammar note: I have fixed my earlier posts referring to the Vienna Boys’ choir by adding a possessive apostrophe—but I usually don’t write it that way. Another question for Grammar Girl, should you use the possessive when referring to entities, or can the apostrophe be omitted? Do we say, “I went to the Yankees’ World Series games?”]

Two concerts: one in the afternoon and one at night. On the menu, Brahms (Requiem, Variations) and a Tchaikovsky Piano concerto. When I am vague about the work, it doesn’t make sense to talk about it. The Brahms Requiem is a beautiful choral piece and performed often. The Brahms variations are probably the Variations on a Theme by Hadyn, also well known. Brahms also wrote variations on a theme by Schumann, for piano, and others as well. [For a change, I am proving links to Ask.com and Answers.com, two other very nice search engines.]

[I don’t generally speak in great detail about the sightseeing or music in the blog. That detail would not be from memory, but from looking it up and then relaying it on to you. Instead I provide links. If this blog ever became popular, I would prefer to have a user-contribution area like a forum or FAQ where articles and discussion could occur about the music and the sightseeing. We’ll see.]

2007–Digging up the past. A few days ago, I mentioned that I was digging up the past and discovering all types of old cassette tapes, photos, and even music manuscript of music that I had written. These were stored away in boxes and cartons and while I threw many, many, things away (including most letters of Anjali), for some reason I kept the tapes and my music scribblings. I’m glad I did.

The past is a blast. I am loving it. I have not visited these items I found in decades. It is a lot of fun rummaging through them and bringing up old memories and old creative projects. Here are some things I found—my cassette letter home, a cassette letter from Anjali, a couple of jazz/fusion pieces from 1982, a series of pop songs from 1982 with me singing them (holy cow), many musical “roughs,” those music snippets I never finished, and many others. Oh, and…

1971 guitar songs. I found the cassette tape where I play folk guitar and sing the songs I wrote for Anjali in 1971. The songs are from the heart (corny by today’s standards) and my singing is quiet and wispy (not good). I had to laugh and you would laugh. Eveyone would laugh. Do I want everyone laughing at me? Should I release them? No!

Paparazzi be damned. I think I have made a decision on my 1971 singing and performance. If I ever become as famous as Larry and Sergey of Google fame, then I will release these tapes. They would be the top-hit-all-time on YouTube. I would first release them to one of the newspaper tabloids. The price is ONE MILLION DOLLARS EACH! It would be worth it.

By the way, that is my general advice to all Hollywood stars that are bombarded by paparazzi. Take the photos yourself, sell them yourself to the tabloids, and keep the money yourself. Why give it to the paparazzi? Britney, take plenty of nude photos and sell them. Often. At ONE MILLION DOLLARS EACH. I would even buy a few issues. Then those guys will leave you alone and you can get on with your life. Despite my not-funny humor, it would be nice for you to be left alone so you can get on with your life.

John’s edict. So my proclamation to all of you, young and old, is to get that shovel and dig up your past. (The one exception is if you killed someone and buried them in your backyard, then don’t dig up your past.) It will be a lot of fun. You will enjoy it. I am. Your memories don’t belong in a shoebox.

See you tomorrow.


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