36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 060: Austria—beautiful panoramas


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 60 — Austria—beautiful panoramas
01-October-1971 (Fri.)

Vienna National Library in Neue Hofburg


Spent most of the day practicing horn and piano. By the afternoon I was very frustrated—felt like giving up (the horn). Not really progressing.

Well, to relax, I went home and wrote to mom and my brothers. That made me feel good.

I also went to see a movie,
Black Beauty, and old favorite. Really relaxing.

At night wrote to Anjali.

The last half of the day is what you would call a therapeutic session.


In 1971, I spend the day practicing, then writing letters to mom and my brothers to get away from the frustration of my horn practicing.

Writing home. As I have mentioned before, I enjoy writing letters. Today, I am writing to my mother and brothers. That brings me some peace and comfort, and a lot of enjoyment. I’m probably not writing home as much as I should be. We tend to forget that our parents are always thinking of us and are probably wondering what we are doing. So, fellow students, if you’re away from home, write home more often. Or, SMS text message, mobile phone, Twitter, Jaiku, or poke your brothers or sisters on Facebook.

One day, in a new special website that I hope to develop, I’ll tell you about my mother and my family.

At night, I write Anjali. I look forward to anything to do with Anjali. I miss her.

Austria-360.at and Panoramas.dk. Today, I was introduced to two incredible websites. The first website is www.Austria-360.at, the second is www.panoramas.dk. The pictures are drop-dead gorgeous, 360-degree panoramas of places in Austria and around the world. An amazing picture is that of the Vienna National Library in the Neue Hofburg, part of the Hofburg Complex. The photo is © Peter Winkler. The picture quality combined with the 360-degree rotation was absolutely “stunning.” Yes, it was. The photo above is a screen capture of than panorama.

Be warned, the pictures are large and require a fast Internet connection and Quicktime. (See below.)

Austrian Tourist Board. Austria-360 was developed by the Austrian Tourist Board. Great job, members of the board! I now want to go back to Austria.

Panoramas.dk. Panoramas.dk covers world-wide travel, not just Austria. Amazing panoramas. Here is a 360-degree panorama view of the Reading Room of the Austria National Library is from this site. (Photo © Peter Winkler) Gorgeous.

If you Google "Austria 360" you will get both of the above websites.

Dativ.at. Bernard Vogl's website, dativ.at also is highly recommended for beautiful 360-degree panoramas. He has many photos and panoramas of Vienna. I will be asking his permission to use the panorama of the Great Gallery in Schönbrunn Palace below.

These pictures are so beautiful and the panoramas so intriguing, that I will now go back into my blog entries and post links to some of these panoramic views. I may even take a few screen captures as placeholders, and credit the websites.

Great Hall in Schonbrunn Palace
360-degree panoramas. These panoramas are 360-degree views of places of interest—one that I mentioned was the National Library in the Neue Hofburg in Vienna (see picture above, and follow the links) and the second is the Great Hall of Schönbrunn Palace. The photographers who took those photos and others on the sites are experts. They are crystal-clear sharp, well lit, and when looking at outdoor panoramas, they are breathtaking. To view a panorama, you click-drag your mouse on the picture and you will be able to 3-D scroll through the pictures. Right, left, and up and down. Don’t forget the frescoes on the ceilings. To the right is a picture of the Great Gallery in Schönbrunn Palace from austria-360.at. The photograph is © Bernhard Vogl. Dativ.at is Bernhard's website, a wonderful collection of photos and panoramas of Vienna. You can see other wonderful panoramas of Vienna at his website www. dativ.at.

Viewing the panoramas require the Quicktime VR player built into Apple’s Quicktime software which is available as a free download for both Mac and PC. If you have an iPod and iTunes, you have Quicktime.

I won’t mind if you spend your time at this site. Please remember to come back and visit me with my plain-old pictures.

You will. Happy


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